Throwback Thursday: Mat Kearney Live at The Rooftop
    • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 2015

    • Posted by: Josh Ramos

    About three and a half years ago we here at Baeble were lucky to get singer-songwriter Mat Kearney on The Rooftop for an exclusive interview and performance in anticipation of his then album Young Love. In the following years, Kearney has developed even more as an artist. His mash up of pop rock, soul, and blues now has another addition with his newfound interest in hip-hop inspired lyrical flows. With his new album Just Kids out now, it was the perfect time to revisit his past work and see how he has developed as a musician.

    The performance at the Baeble rooftop is classic Kearney. In a personable manner, he opens up about his songwriting process and what the songs mean to him before launching into a three song acoustic set. The personal songs range from stories about his parents to an attempt at a radio crossover. Kearney's ability to weave powerful lyrics together with catchy acoustic riffs displays his songwriting process. Far from intricate, the simplicity of the set shines a light on his pleasant vocals and powerful poetry.

    So in celebration of Throwback Thursday and the new album Just Kids, here it is: #TBT to that time Mat Kearney opened up his heart on The Rooftop.

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