Stream the Hypnotic 'Sick Birds Die Easy' Soundtrack
    • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 2014

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Nik Fackler, filmmaker and guitarist of Icky Blossoms, set loose his latest visual work Sick Birds Die Easy, which is apparently leaving critics in a state of uncertainty. Along with a group of camera-wielding friends, Fackler went on an adventure Gabon, Africa in pursuit of the existential experience of Iboga, a mystical psychedelic drug whose effects are said to have the power to cure chemical dependencies—most notably, heroin.

    Like so many documentaries, Fackler set out with his central theme and allowed a story to develop into itself. However, Sick Birds Die Easy isn't a documentary according to a traditionalist's definition, as weaved throughout the legitimate documentary footage are staged situations, which in theory distort the reality of the story. However, when your central focus is to document a psychedelic experience that transcends reality, this distortion of the line between truth and fabrication could be considered a necessity.

    Attached to the perplexing film is an equally entrancing soundtrack. Fackler's friend and fellow Omaha musician Sam Martin (Capgun Coup) was present throughout the mythical journey.

    "I see music visually and all the music Sam had written was very visual and very cinematic," Fackler told THR. "It created this heroin, Velvet Underground vibe. So when I got back from Africa and started editing the film, every scene I would pick a piece of Sam's music and put it in. In a way, Sam's music really designed a lot of the film. Because I came from a music video background, I've always been very visual with music. It came together very naturally."

    Listening to the soundtrack, this somber "Heroin" quality is palpable. The soundtrack alone is a dosing you won't want to pass up.

    Sick Birds Die Easy was released on VOD and digital marketers on February 11th, and is now available on DVD. You can also get a copy of the soundtrack on Amazon.

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