Iron and Wine Keep It Mysteriously Jazzy With Latest Single
    • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 2013

    • Posted by: Madison Murphy

    Just a few weeks ago, we expressed our infatuation with Iron & Wine's newly released "Lovers' Revolution." It harbored a new eccentric mood that we couldn't quite pin point, but that's precisely what made it so astounding. Between jazzy horn sections and mumbled lyrics about laughing gas, Sam Beam fueled our excitement, and wonder, for what will become of Ghost on Ghost, set to release sometime in April.

    Fast forward to the present, and our mood has somewhat shifted. Don't get us wrong, we love Sam Beam, and his musical transformation since The Creek Drank the Cradle has progressed steadily in an admirable way. However, his latest sneak peak off the new album, "Grace For Saints and Ramblers", has us feeling a little...lost.

    Don't panic! The stimulated energy can still be found. And Beam doesn't stray away from his mystic train of thought, tying in Jesus freaks, sleepless dreamers, and kissing in the cracks of flash flood streets. The only setback? We can barely hear his voice behind the hectic sounds. They are lovely, and completely tasteful, but arranging hand claps, percussion, echoing harmonies, AND bells all at once gets a little intimidating. It's jangly, but not the Edward Sharpe type of jangly. He's working with added vocals, but it may just be a little over the top.

    Like "Lovers Revolution", we get that refreshing horn section, with saxophones maintaining the tempo. Of course, it's Iron & Wine, so it's obviously intriguing. That being said, I want to be able to actually decipher the glowing Sam Beam, not just because I admire that fleeting, effortless vocal range, but because I also care about what he has to say.

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