David Guetta And Usher's United Nations Push
    • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 2013

    • Posted by: David Moffly

    We are all so spoiled here in the music and tech bubble we live in here in NYC. What overpriced object is Apple going to bring to market to please our voracious consumerism? Is their phenomenal ride over? Will Amazon or Google own the Web? What are a bunch of posturing idiots we elected going to do about the mandatory spending cuts they put in place? As we collectively claw our way out of the historic, economic down turn the last five years have brought, these are the vital issues of our somewhat, nonchalant existence in the NYC tech bubble.

    On the musical side, there are also endless self-promoters pursuing charity causes to keep their names out there and seemingly relevant. will.i.am feels like one of these individuals (among a long list of others) who arrange photo ops and charity events that really yield nothing other than good feelings for the elite few that get to participate. Do we really believe a $900,000 custom car is an educational tool for inner city children? What planet does this man live on and how can he say this with a straight face? What a clown.

    That said every once in a while a piece of work shines through and touches me (and hopefully, all of you). David Guetta and Usher released a video on Sunday that struck an emotional chord. The video is a Day in the Life of a young Australian brother and sister visiting an area savaged by drought in the Sahel region of Niger. The beauty of the video and the dignity and humanity of the people involved brought tears to my eyes.

    Watch the video and participate by sharing and donating if you can.

    The United Nations Foundation

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