Baeble's Bad Wedding DJ: Andy Samberg and Joanna Newsom
    • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 2013

    • Posted by: Madison Murphy

    The happily low key Andy Samberg (34) and Joanna Newsom (31) have just recently sealed the deal with a ring. Joandy has a nice ring to it! But seriously, no pun intended... Of course, the Lonely Islander Andy Samberg has gone viral in recent years, with his outlandish, ridiculously hilarious yet painfully immature YouTube videos/SNL stints. Whether he's collaborating with Justin Timberlake or T Pain, Samberg has this wonderful ability to trigger genuine laughs.

    But his charming, better half strikes a distinctly different chord. Joanna Newsom could not be more gracefully angelic. Her delicate, hauntingly unique vocal style, along with her harp and piano abilities don't quite match with Samberg's comedic career.

    Newsom's Appalachian-styled folk music has become largely coveted by the independent music scene. You may recall The Decemberists' "Bridges and Balloons" from their EP Picaresqueties, which was a cover of Miss Joanna's. Her most recent album from 2010, Have One On Me, exemplified her genius and received a warm response.

    After hearing her music, you're left in a state of awestruck bliss. So how the hell did the mastermind behind "Dick In A Box" and a mysterious harp player get together? Well, this perfectly odd couple is living proof that opposites indeed attract.

    So, to celebrate the engagement of these lovebirds, we put together some appropriate wedding songs. They're both well capable of performing, but who knows what the mood will be like? Can the crowd be hypnotized by the perfected harp of Joanna AND handle a rendition of the Lonely Islanders' ridiculous rapping all in one night?

    Perhaps the reception will start off like this...with T Pain obviously getting the crowd amped on the celebration.

    ...And then when things get a little crazy, Joanna can calm the guests down with a spellbinding rendition of "Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie".

    Ahhh yes, back to the boozin'. Everyone has a creepy uncle, and this party's got one in Nicki Minaj.

    If Samberg has perfected the art of absurdness, his better half has perfected the art of captivation.

    When it's time to open the party favors, the guests are in for quite the surprise...

    Alright alright. Back to the bride...childlike and wonderful.

    And OF course, for the honeymoon-themed song, we can bring in none other than Akon.

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