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    • FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 2010

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    Whoa, we're getting old! Even though we party like pros, fifty mixtapes is a mad lotz of mixtaping son! SNAP AND ALSO CRACKLE! That is like 500 different tracks (except for those few times we accidentally repeated tracks, sorry Mom)! But hey, no one is perfect, amirite TIGER? We're gonna keep going for the gold, just like America because you can never have enough music, but you can have too much Olympic downhill skiing??!! Trust me, it is possible. Nice form, Canada. Stick with Hockey (get it? You get it).*

    A few people pointed out to me that you can't actually tell who is writing what in these all-star collaborative posts full of contributions, so I've added names to make hearing our voices in your head easier. Right? Right. Ready? Great.

    * - We here at Baeble have the upmost respect for Canada. Afterall, without Canada, there would not be Greg Lozoff. And without Greg Lozoff - a PROUD Canadian - there would not be the T.G.I.MixTape. He created this thing after all. Thanks Canada!


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    1. "Book Of Love" - Peter Gabriel - Scratch My Back
    This will always take me back to the real last ending of "Scrubs". And as crappy as that show got, that ending was terrific and perfect and so is this song. It's simple, quiet, great for putting the moves on a girl. There aren't too many songs that get the human condition down so perfectly and so succinctly.

    2. "Coldest Winter" - Kanye West - 808s & Heartbreak
    Say what you will about Kanye West (sociopath), but he knows how to write a song and he doesn't give a damn about genre in a good way. The video for this little ditty was released this week and it's just a reminder that underneath the piles and piles of crazy there's something redeemable... I think...

    3. "A Pot In Which To Piss" - Titus Andronicus - The Monitor
    Titus Andronicus gurgles and froths like any good punk band, but they find a really great place to exist in between Bruce Springsteen and Against Me! with a bit more going on: American rock written on the wrong side of the tracks. I dig it. Stay until the end for an awesome horn part.

    4. "Soda Popinski" - Javelin
    This track from Brooklyn beatmongers Javelin is short and sweet and sounds like a videogame dancefloor bonanza. You CANNOT resist these guys, especially when they are hitting pads with drum sticks, bopping, and singing inane, processed vocals through their set of twenty boom boxes on stage. No vocals on this track, but you get the idea. Girl Talk with all original material. 23rd century vintage.

    5. "Cold War (Nice Clean Fight)" - The Morning Benders - Big Echo
    This week Big Echo was on heavy rotation, and this is definitely my pick for favorite track. It's like a marshmallow roasted by Brian Wilson and the coolest kid you know. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face. When I heard it, I knew it was love.

    6. "World Sick" - Broken Social Scene - Forgiveness Rock Record
    Really not much to say but WHAT? and YES! LOVE THESE GUYS! This is the first release off the first actual Broken Social Scene LP in quite a few years (last one was 2005). The age of solo action is over, for now... we're back to Broken Social Scene Presents: Broken Social Scene. A Broken Social Scene Production.

    7. "So Light Is Her Footfall (Breakbot Remix)" - Air
    Although Love 2 didn't fly with the critics (mostly), this remix is easily my favorite of the bunch I found for our party this week. So I'm signing off to it, in all of it's toe tapping glory.

    8. "Range Life" - Pavement - Quarantine The Past: The Best Of Pavement
    Ok, not a new song...like at all. But my absolute favorite Pavement tune is on the band's upcoming "Best-Of" collection titled Quarantine The Past, out March 9th via Matador.

    9. "Crutch & Cane" - Peter Wolf Crier - Inter-Be
    A Minneapolis based duo consisting of Peter Pisano and Brian Moen, the music of Peter Wolf Crier's Inter-be was conceived via a "sudden volcano of songwriting...on a single summer night in 2008." Dunno if we're buying it, but this promising young band may be one to know after they swarm through SXSW later this Spring.

    10. "Your Hands (Together)" - The New Pornographers - Together
    We said ""Your Hands " sounds like the Twin Cinema screening with a Dead Weather lens " when we unearthed the first single from New Pornographers' heavily anticipated new album Together last week. Still seems the case, so we're sticking to it.

    Later peeps. See you for hungover bagels on Monday, when we can talk about what terrible places we ordered well-whiskey this weekend (or your evening at the Olive Garden, for the kidz). All the best, your pal -joe

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