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    • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 2008

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    With tracks titles like "This is How We Kiss", and "Written in Heart Signs, Faintly", Throw Me The Statue's latest release, Moonbeams (Secretly Canadian) is infused with plenty of lovey-dovey ethos. Yet, TMTS, conceived by singer-songwriter Scott Reitherman, never even skirts on the cloying and annoying. With punchy accordion playing, 8th beat drumming, and xylophone touches evocative of a child's toy piano, fan-fav "Lolita" tastes like sleep-away camp and sounds the way a teenage romance can only be perceived in hindsight: We don't have the overzealous intensity of a emo track but a genuinely lighthearted and up-tempo pop tune that inevitably explodes into a premature mess of notes and hormones. Reitherman never takes himself too seriously, and that’s what makes the album so cohesive and enjoyable. KEEP READINGMegan Diamondstein

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