Your Mid Week Mixtape: Curated By Priory
    • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2015

    • Posted by: K. Hess

    The Portland grown, folk washed, electro pop outfit Priory puts out subdued love songs, and tempered forward marches, but a synth tune for every shade of the afternoon. This week lead singer and songwriter Brandon Rush has curated Baeble's Mid Week Mixtape. From the horses mouth: "A little baby makin' and some pre and post concert jams." ... so the indie playlist for an ideal Wednesday.

    Brandon's rhymes, reasons and general affections come with each track, and see below for the YouTube playlist. Priory's Weekend EP is out now, get your copy here.

    1. Shy Girls - "Still Not Falling"
    Local Portland band. I have seen them a half dozen times in the rose city. Sultry throw back.

    2. Daniel Johns - "Ariel Love"
    Produced by our good friend, Joel Little, who co-wrote the Lorde album (Pure Heroine). It also has the sexiest music video I have ever seen.

    3. Magic Mouth - "Mother Lode"
    This track was written by my buddy Chanticleer's band from Portland. Magic Mouth is as raw live as any band I have seen. They get nasty (figuratively and literally).

    4. Gabriel Garzóne Montano - "Everything Is Everything"
    Bill Withers-esque. This guys minimal approach to production kills it.

    5. Glass Animals - "Gooey"
    This track is left field and incredibly patient. They put "Pooh Bear" in the track. I'm in.

    6. Jungle - "Busy Earnin"
    It makes me hopeful for the state of our music future when a 14 piece funk/R&B is blowing up.

    7. Little Dragon - "Klap Klap"
    Love Yukimis voice. The intro upright bass lick hits me just right.

    8. Peter Gabriel - "Grieve"
    I heard this song for the first time 10 years ago. I remember feeling the weight of the track back then. It has been a staple of my melancholy moments ever since

    9. Royal Blood - "Little Monster"
    The next two tracks are two piece rock bands that slay. I picked up a bass when I was 12 and allot of my early jamming was in this format. I caught these guys in NY a couple months ago and was blown away by their live set. They are heavy as fuck. I hung with them at a bar later that night, and they are solid dudes. The song was also mixed by Dave Sardy, love his aesthetic.

    10. Death From Above 1979 - "Train Wreck"
    I wore out the first record and about lost my shit when I heard they were coming out with a new one. It doesnt disappoint.

    11. Murder City Devils - "Dear Hearts"
    The closest thing to a slow jam they ever wrote. Favorite song by one of my favorite bands of all time. While on tour, I listen to this song almost every night before I get on stage.

    Available to you in one single streaming playlist below:

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