Tax Free Music From Thom Yorke And Robert Del Naja
    • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2015

    • Posted by: Josh Ramos

    Thom Yorke has been a workhorse as of late. After releasing his sophomore album Tomorrow's Modern Boxes, in typical experimental Radiohead fashion, and announcing the band was back in studio recording again, Thom has delivered yet again on new music.

    Working in tandem with Robert Del Naja (Massive Attack), Yorke has released The UK Gold Soundtrack for free to accompany the film. The film is a feature-length documentary chronicling the history of repeated attempts made by Corporate Britain to avoid taxation in the UK. A noted activist, Yorke has frequently leant his voice and music to political and social issues. Although the music comes as a surprise, the collaboration should not.

    On first listen the soundtrack has all the feels of a Yorke solo project, with an assortment of extra musicians adding to the sonic palette. Besides Yorke and Del Naja, the score also features original music from Elbow's Guy Garvey and Radiohead bandmate Johnny Greenwood. The minimalist work follows his recent turn to electronic experiments, with shifting programmed drums, glitchy beats, and intricately processed synthesizers. There's a familiar sense of doom and gloom, with a world weary Yorke once again creating artwork that reflects the tiring nature of humanity. Album opener "Tap24+ Hiha24", a collaboration between Yorke and Greenword, sounds like a B side to The King of Limbs. In other places Yorke appears to be pushing his formula as "Extra Slackers" has a pulsating electronic opera vibe. Del Naja brings his own style adding strings to "Embers" and video game inspired keyboards on "Passive Fist."

    Thom Yorke has long been trying to change the world. He has done it on a musical platform and is constantly trying to on a political. While we wait for Thom Yorke's political bid for president of the dreary, yet environmentally sound world, check out the album below and let's ring up Damon Albarn and ask how he feels about the vice president role.

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