Lost In The Trees Past Life
    • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2014

    • Posted by: Devin Granados

    Lost In The Trees have produced the most perfectly peaceful drowning soundtrack ever to be composed. If public schools had Past Life playing in the bathrooms, getting your head dunked in the toilet might become borderline tolerable. The folksy yet poppy orchestral band released their ethereal third LP on Tuesday, but these North Carolina natives are far from an average ensemble with their uniquely eerie sound. All of those melancholy and vaguely depressing moments in life could be strictly soundtracked by Lost In The Trees; the heartbreaking parts of their songs kick you down but get followed up by slight shifts in instrumentation that raise you back up to your feet.

    When the bully shoves your head in the dirtiest toilet you'd probably start off weeping, listening to "Excos", which is a terrifying introduction, but then "Past Life" would come on and BAM, you'd feel like you just cultivated the most epic revenge plans. The single is floaty and simple, but still perfects a mysterious aggression in its palpitating synths and haunting riffs. After "Past Life", the album dips into a bit of a gloom, your "Daunting Friend" is still keeping you down, but then serenity surrounds you as "Rites" comes in with its astoundingly empowering quiet riffs. Following "Rites" the last half of the album lifts up to a dreamier and lighthearted tone, and then settles down for a soft finish with a plucky Jack Johnson style guitar in "Upstairs".

    Despite its somewhat somber portions, Past Life is an elegantly constructed curiosity, with caches of uplifting bits. I wouldn't be surprised if Poseidon plays this every time he throws himself a little tantrum tsunami.

    Past Life is out now on Anti. Get your copy here.

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