The Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Take On
    • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2013

    • Posted by: Dorit Finkel

    Thank god. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs teased us with a few album trailers and live recordings for their new one, Mosquito, and though they seemed experimental and deliciously jagged, we weren't sure how the finished product would sound. On their new song, "Sacrilege," they flex their orchestrating muscles with their own version of "Like A Prayer." It's a song about heavenly lust - "Halo 'round his head / Feathers in our bed" - and like most of YYY's songs, it takes one catchy idea and just goes with it. In this case, the bombastic gospel chorus is what takes the song beyond Fever To Tell level into the sparkly realm of It's Blitz!, imbuing the sensual moan of, "And I plead, and I pray" with spiritual significance.

    Hold on a second, you might say: didn't Madonna already do that? Yes, she did. But that doesn't mean we can't flamboyantly combine sex and religion through popular song anymore; it just means we have to be original about it. Which brings me to my only complaint about the song: what could have been an ass-kicking Zinner riff in the chorus is reduced to lounge noodling that falls limp next to Karen O's electrifying vocals. That being said, the bass is juicy and the little flourishes of distortion and piano give the song depth and punch. By the end of the track, with the gospel choir going at full force and sultry wailing by Karen, it seems like they've been taking more cues from Florence + The Machine than Madonna.

    So yes, we're still psyched. And we're also curious: what do you think is in that heavenly salsa on the cover art?

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