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    • FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Photo by Winnie Cheung for Brooklyn Vegan

    Nobody can deny Girl Talk knows how to party. Amidst balloons, streamers, confetti guns, and an entourage of dancers flooding the stage around him, Greg Gillis and his infamous bandanna took Terminal Five's face and smashed it into some berry blue Jell-O. Add to the mix, a Girl Talk concert is the CVS pharmacy of music shows. The entire venue was cracked out on various concoctions, losing their minds to the onslaught of pop music stew boiling around them.

    As usual, Gillis spun a healthy mix of classic mash from his albums, and on-the-fly constructions. Everything from the emphatic open of Night Ripper to stuff from 2010's All Day aided the army of space cadets forward in their complete loss of rational thought. If 'fun' could be packaged and sold, I'm pretty sure Girl Talk would be sound-tracking the commercial (if not a crucial component of said product). On a related note, my body hurts.

    All Day is out now and free via Illegal Art.

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    MP3: "Triple Double"
    Girl Talk on Myspace

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