late night: hanson
    • FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2011

    • Posted by: Siobhan Fludder

    On Thursday night, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno hosted the infectious indie pop/rock trio of brothers from Tulsa, known as Hanson, to be the show's musical guest. This gene pool of talent played their second single, "Give A Little", off of their 2010 album Shout It Out. This song follows the album's debut single "Thinking About Something", for which Hanson created a video in honor of The Blues Brothers, that made its fair share of rounds on the interwebs.

    During last night's performance of "Give A Little", they were also accompanied by the ten piece horn section that jazzed up many of the tracks on the Shout It Out album. Though lead singer Taylor looks a little bit uncomfortable without his trademark piano at his side, and his voice strains slightly on some notes, none of that seems to matter when hit with the full blast of his legendary charm. The song itself is playfully seductive (encouraged by Taylor Hanson's every move), yet still maintains the carefree innocence of a fun groove in which Hanson initally found their fame fourteen years ago. Whether their boyish smiles and the blatantly flirtatious tone of the lyrics make you blush or perhaps roll your eyes, it is hard to deny the absolute merriment of Hanson. Let's hear it for happiness!

    Watch their performance of "Give A Little" here:

    You can also check out the newly released music video for "Give A Little":

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