the guest apartment: alasdair maclean of the clientele
    • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2010

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    It was a sleepy, October morning when The Clientele's Alasdair Maclean arrived at Baeble's Guest Apartment. Admittedly, we were a bit spent at the time...victims of late night, CMJ Music Marathon mayhem. Yet Maclean, fresh off a jet across the pond from his native England, seemed perfectly at home in the middle of the morning. Fresh, wide-eyed, and ready to play. So he did...a couple numbers from his band's latest Bonfires of the Heath (Merge), as well as a gem from the past.

    Alone, draped over the nylon strings of classic guitar, songs like "Bonfires on the Heath", "Saturday", and "Graven Wood" - restrained and wistful on record - seem that much more delicate here, sounding composed of everything and nothing all at once. Yes, it's a sparse pairing of Maclean's cooing vocals and accompanying guitar work. But when it works, as it does here, the textures seems dense, rich, and significant, creating a session that sent those lucky enough to capture it into a well timed, hypnotic daze. With a big, billowy snow blanketing our neighborhood, our latest release takes us right back to that moment...though you might find it perfect for setting moments of imagination, introspection, and appreciation to as it cycles through. - David Pitz

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    An Exclusive Interview: Alasdair Maclean of The Clientele

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