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    • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2010

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    When senior citizens write music they have a really, really tough job. And that's not ageism or any sort of sextagenarian discrimination in anyway. It's just that most people over 60 write music for, well, other people over 60. Some have done incredible things with it, like Johnny Cash's last album, a beautiful send off and an incredible album of covers. It was an amazing passing of the torch moment and if you've had a few drinks it could probably make you kind of emmotional.

    Peter Gabriel recently released an album himself. It's also a cover album, titled Scratch My Back. On it he covers songs from Paul Simon, The Magnetic Tapes, Regina Spector, and The Arcade Fire, among others. Crazy right?

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    MP3: Peter Gabriel - "Book Of Love" (Scratch My Back)
    Peter Gabriel on Myspace

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