7 Artists Who Should Replace Beyonce at Coachella
    • FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    ITS OFFICIAL: BEYONCE HAS DROPPED OUT OF COACHELLA. To be fair, we called it a few weeks ago, but we're not here to say "we told you so," we just want to keep predicting what's next. So what IS next? Well, Coachella will obviously need to find a replacement - but who will it be? We started thinking of some pretty good choices...

    1. Solange.

    This would be SO mean and SO hilarious - and kind of shady. First of all, Solange has been fighting for the spotlight ever since Beyonce was born, so this would actually be a really sweet thing for Coachella to give her. I can see it now: suddenly all eyes are on her, A Seat At The Table is finally given the enormous audience that it deserves... But then again, that'd suck for Beyonce and we'd have to wonder: was this Solange's plan the entire time?

    2. Adele.

    Another one that would be so mean and so hilarious, but most of all: controversial. Most of the world (not so quietly) agreed that Adele did not deserve to win over Beyonce at The Grammys, so how do you think they will feel when she replaces her at Coachella? Not great... Not great.

    3. Taylor Swift.

    I guess all of these are kind of mean and hilarious...

    Remember when Kanye interrupted Taylor during her 2009 VMA speech when she won best female video over Beyonce and said "I'mma let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time"? How wonderful do you think Taylor would feel? Do you think she'd sing her song "Better Than Revenge"?

    4. Jay Z.

    This would be a good one because Jay-Z is like basically a male version of Beyonce, right...? Okay, Bey is way better, and we'd have to wonder if this is some sort of Tidal conspiracy...

    5. Kanye West.

    Right before Kanye was hospitalized at the end of last year, he kind of went crazy on stage and started badmouthing Bey and Jay, so that would be a pretty awkward (and wildly entertaining) replacement. But let's be real, he probably wouldn't even show up.

    6. Drake.

    Drake is definitely on the same level as Beyonce - she would definitely put on a better show, but the crowd would definitely be just as hyped to hear "Hotline Bling" live.

    7. Rihanna.

    I'm personally a very big RiRi fan - I think she's on the same level as Beyonce talent-wise, but makes it look so effortless. And she's so carefree and drama-less, it would be the most "chill" replacement ever. She doesn't have beef with anyone (except Azealia Banks but everyone has beef with that chicken-sacrificer) and I'm sure no one would be mad about having to jam to "Bitch Better Have My Money."

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