Premiere: Twin Peaks Perform 'Telephone' For Nic Harcourt
    • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2015

    • Posted by: K. Hess

    Twin Peaks stopped by At: Guitar Center with Nic Harcourt, the podcast/webseries mash up for the famous axe shop. Rousingly chill, as only young punks and seasoned personalities can truly manage, the band set up and played through their track "Telephone," off 2014's Wild Onions. Rife with guitar riffs you can (thanks to Harcourt and Guitar Center) see, and a beating of a rhythm from the drums.

    After sitting down with Harcourt, Twin Peaks went into the track for us in a little more detail: "'Telephone' was one of our favorite songs to record." Apparently the final cut turned out "cleaner" than the band had anticipated, but rather than reaching for some grime, the band embraced the bleach and found it's place, "it creates a really great, positive energy in the crowd when we perform it live and comes across with more grit, so it's always fun to do for sessions." Shocker, Harcourt's cool too, "we had a blast chatting with Nic at Guitar Center, and getting to play this song in such an intimate setting."

    Wild Onion is out now on Grand Jury Music, get your copy here, and see the live session performance of "Telephone," below.

    For more from Twin Peaks in a less intimate setting, check out our concert capture from 2013's Hype Hotel:

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