the roundup: our five favorite videos from the week that was
    • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2011

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    We like music videos. We like lists. We like reminiscing. The Roundup is our way of celebrating such things. While perusing the internets for instant audio visual satisfaction this week, we learned a few things. 1. Hype Williams still makes music videos. 2. Thom Yorke will definitely win the next season of Dancing with the Stars. 3. When Ra Ra Riot sing about being "Too Dramatic", they are not referring to music videos. 4. We like Sims. 5. We really like Adele. To The Roundup!

    Kanye West - "All Of The Lights"

    Kanye West turns to director Hype Williams to take his fanfare filled anthem to the screen, with a video that's mostly visual stimuli. That could refer to both West's cop car shuffle and Rihanna's (lack of an) outfit. Epileptics beware, this ranks somewhere in between strobe light and Battling Seizure Robots.

    Radiohead - "Lotus Flower"

    We saw some pretty funny parodies of Thom Yorke's schizophrenic dance moves hit the web this past week. But we're sticking to setting his intense gyrations to "Lotus Flower" because let's face it...a new Radiohead album came out this week! Despite Joe P's lukewarm response, we think that's something worth celebrating!

    Ok seriously...I can't help myself. This is too good...

    Ra Ra Riot - "Too Dramatic"

    The black shores and rivers singer Wes Miles takes asylum in, in the lead verse of Ra Ra Riot's "Too Dramatic" leaps from the imagination to the screen in this Andrew Thomas Huang directed video for "Too Dramatic". Here, the song's skittish qualities bring visuals of a strange and terrestrial landscape cropping up about the band. The song is the second single from the band's '09 release, The Orchard. For more album related visuals, be sure to check out the video of the concert we captured with the band last Fall.

    Watch the full video at

    Sims - "Bad Time Zoo" - Live For City of Music

    Sims is a Minneapolis based MC who runs with The Doomtree Collective, and just dropped a tasty batch of organic beats and old school flavors dubbed Bad Time Zoo. Perhaps you saw his video for Burn It Down featured in The Roundup a few weeks back. Here, Sims teams up with MPLS.TVs The City of Music Series, rolling around what we guess is his home town, performing his album's title track in a variety of locations.

    Adele - "Rolling In The Deep" - Live at Largo

    Another week, another Adele video... We can't get enough of 21 though, and all the visual nuggets the team at Columbia are rolling out in support of the record. Her latest live capture from a show at Largo in Los Angeles featured some slightly stripped down versions of her studio cuts, including this impeccable performance of "Rolling In The Deep".

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