the guest apartment: nicole atkins and the black sea
    • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2011

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    "I've always been attracted to the melancholy sounds...the darker sounds. It's a way of...finding those beautifully devastating moments and reveling in the horribleness of it." It's a creative disposition that must have had singer Nicole Atkins licking her chops (in a way) after a trifecta of loss - a band, a boyfriend, and a record label - found her a few years back. The hard times would inspire some deeply personal songs, which in turn would further inspire a rush of strong will - to record, to get going, to reclaim her career and her livelihood.

    The result of such resolve is Mondo Amore; an impressive batch of red velvet psych-rock that brings with it the kind of cryptic qualities that will inspire curiosity in all who happen to find it. In support, Nicole, along with guitarist Irina Yalkowsky and drummer Ezra Oklan of her band The Black Sea, paid us a visit in The Guest Apartment on a slushy, winter afternoon. Though the drafty old room allowed a chill to seep through cracks, Nicole and her band would set the cozy confines aglow, touching on her story and preparing a few musical highlights from the record in question. Through acoustic renditions of "Cry Cry Cry", "My Baby Don't Lie", and "The Tower", Nicole and her band chronicle a few of the stumbles and tumbles that inspired Mondo, transforming those "beautifully devastating moments" into a unique, uplifting session in The Guest Apartment. Bring on the blues!

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    The Guest Apartment: Nicole Atkins

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