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    • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2011

    • Posted by: Siobhan Fludder

    Wounded Rhymes, the latest chapter in Lykke Lis surreal pop concoctions, is slated for a February 28th releasethough magically, the internet has delivered, serving up a free stream a few days ahead of its release!

    Centered around more exploratory percussive elements, the instrumentals fit nicely with Lykkes echoing vocals for an album that is ripe with a variety of mysterious tones. Wounded Rhymes is introduced with the endearingly funky rhythms of "Youth Knows No Pain", within which lies a relentless strength depicted in both lyric and musical accompaniment alike. Some tracks appear to be deliberately delicate, such as "Love Out of Lust", which softly soars among interspersed beats, and "Unrequited Love", a track that features beautifully drawn out vocals from start to finish. The pace eventually picks up with "Get Some"; a song which owes its shimmering qualities to the cymbal and maraca work that strifes through it, complimenting Lykkes blatant and suggestive lyrics. A rhythmic wall of sound jumps in during "Rich Kid Blues", and concludes with the heartbreaking lyrics of "Sadness is a Blessing". Each track is worth a listen, and if you can't wait until February 28th, check out this stream below.

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    Lykke Li at The Bowery Ballroom
    Lykke Li

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