There's Something In The Way Ellie Goulding Moves
    • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 2016

    • Posted by: Mike Montemarano

    In Ellie Goulding's new music video for the single "Something In the Way You Move," the cameras capture her in Europe on a world tour engulfed in a sea of tens of several thousand fans. The vibrant purple stage lighting and very candid dance performances on stage don't come close to distracting the audience from Goulding's airy and mystic voice which adds to the trance-like effects of the song's atmosphere.

    Lights quickly pan over the masses in the audience as Goulding's tight and intricate performance fills the venue. Everything about the song is very clean-cut, immersive, and put-together at a quality which embellishes the pristine sounds of her vocal work.

    Beyond that, the atmosphere is eclectic and fun as action shots depict everything you'd want to see at a massive live performance such as the one Ellie Goulding puts forward. The cameras cover every angle, and it's hard not to feel surrounded while watching the video. She has everything it takes to captivate a massive crowd, and this video showcases some great performative qualities that pop music ought to keep bringing to its fans. Much like many of her other dance-worthy hits, "Something In The Way You Move" truly turns dance music into an elaborate kind of craft work designed to get people moving.

    Watch the video above and our classic session with Goulding below.

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