Now Playing: Lily and Madeleine's Enchanting Blood Harmony
    • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 2016

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    I guess you could say we double-booked the studio for our newest session. We've been working with some local students to give our Brooklyn home a little more flare, and in our newest session video their ongoing splashes of paint collide with delicate plumes of piano and the loveliest of voices, courtesy of sisterly duo, Lily and Madeleine.

    A few years back the Indianapolis natives experienced the kind of unexpected break out only the internet can deliver, posting an acoustic song on Reddit and watching the play counter flip over faster than they ever expected. Watching the performance in our studio, it's easy to see/hear why. Lily and Madeleine have been gifted with "blood harmony"; their voices were born at home together, share familial characteristics, and lock in perfectly with one another, sounding rich and effortless in this captivating performance of three songs from their newest album, Keep It Together. While playing, our in-house artists, Reed Baylis and Kyle Deutscher, worked on a mural in the background, creating an entrancing audio-visual experience.

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