Miguel's Latest Show Is Charm Defined
    • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 2016

    • Posted by: Mike Montemarano

    Miguel made a big return to his middle school in Hawthorne, California to headline the school's talent show, where he amplified a crowd of middle schoolers who fawned over his candid rendition of "Adorn."

    Having been a songwriter since the age of thirteen, it must have been a nice return to the roots of his musical experience, where his inspirations and aspirations all began. After packing auditorium seats to full capacity, the frantic crowd of middle schoolers could only resist storming the stage for about a minute and six seconds. "Adorn" sounded much different against the backdrop of a wall of shrieking teens that engulfed Miguel in a sea of pubescent mania. Though the rest of the talent show isn't available, it's pretty safe to assume Miguel's act stood the test against contenders.

    Miguel's very nice gesture to the his place of growing up is sure to have given Dana Middle School a talent show they'll remember for quite some time.

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