Massive Attack Team Up With Gone Girl's Rosamund Pike For Eerie Video
    • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 2016

    • Posted by: Mike Montemarano

    The new Massive Attack feat. Young Fathers music video for the single Voodoo in my Blood is sure to make a stir for verging on the very boundaries of bizarre that Rosamund Pikes wrenching performance creates. After her recent lead performance in Gone Girl, its easy to see why she was the candidate for a music video which takes things to a very dark and mysterious place, as bouncing bass beats and echo chamber synths process the droning melodies.

    A truly memorable music video which adds a visual element distinguished from the song itself while adding a great context for the recording comes few and far between, but Pikes isolated solo performance adds an eerie quality to the work that helps the song transcend into a much more horror-esque mood. Few performers can make a CGId floating sphere have such an ominous presence as she does when the sphere begins to contort and distort her in both body and mind.

    Resting somewhere between an alien abduction and demonic possession, the way Pike becomes totally consumed by something so imaginary and simplistic is a performance that is sure to make you wince out of empathetic pain, in a way that really draws into the Cronenberg-esque experience.

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