new music video: britney spears
    • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 2011

    • Posted by: David Moffly

    Let's play 'Spot The Brand'.

    Britney reportedly banked $500,000 in product/brand appearance fees in her latest music video. Can her financial shrewdness save the music industry? Personally I started using her Radiance perfume and put on some Sephora Make Up Forever foundation while looking for a hot hook up on Plentyoffish on my Sony Monitor after watching her video. All her old videos from a more innocent and crazy time are swirling in the background as well. This video is a template for shameless integrated promotion.

    Are we really this gullible?

    Play 'Spot The Brand' with me:

    "Radiance" - 0:39

    "Make Up Forever" - 0:46

    "Plentyoffish" - 1:28, 1:32

    "Sony" - 1:33, 2:40

    What did I miss — shoes??

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