late night: deerhunter
    • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 2011

    • Posted by: Siobhan Fludder

    It was a slightly odd performance on The Late Show With David Letterman's Tuesday show, though not unusual for Deerhunter. The keyboardist rocked a cape worthy of Count Chocula, lead singer Bradford Cox took a brief moment to sit on the floor with his tambourine in the middle of the song, and yet all the while these oddities are as unassuming as the music is absurdly pleasant.

    Though the performance of "Memory Boy" appears to veer into an aimless direction, this just makes the cleverly compiled product seem that much more effortless and therefore impressive. It's a quirky number, well complemented by the color-changing lights constantly flashing down upon them. As the song ends, Letterman asks Paul Schaffer his opinion of the performance, to which he responds that he "had an acid flashback". We'll leave it at that. Enjoy!

    Watch Deerhunter perform "Memory Boy" on Letterman below.

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