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    • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 2009

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    When Orly Bendavid looks to the world for inspiration, the 26-year-old sees plenty staring back. "Bartenders, scantily clad pop stars, writers, boyfriends, colleagues", explains Bendavid. "Anyone that inspires me, moves me, makes me love them, makes me hate them, or gives me any kind of long lasting emotion...I can't ignore them. I have to write about them". So she did.

    The result is The Human Haiku; a gem of an album Bendavid, along with her four band mates in Every Good Boy, released independently late last year. Sonically, the album is a collective effort. "I'm actually most proud of the fact that these songs are not now what they were when I first wrote them," adds Bendavid. "All of us have come together to put the pieces of ourselves into this record. For their part, those pieces weave a sophisticated web of sounds from threads of folk, rock, pop, and world music; something Bendavid admits gives the music "a quality that is so much bigger than any one of us".

    Perhaps the real reason it's so big, however, stems from the every day grace and poetic beauty that's caught in Bendavid's silky, lyrical trap. Love, heartache, work, exhaustion, frustration, triumph; Bendavid pumps the not-so-fictional characters that inhabit The Human Haiku with a familiar kind of beauty and emotion. After all, "Inspiration lives in every person," she says. "And their stories are worth the universe." When it comes to Every Good Boy, this young Brooklyn-based band is certainly worth checking out.

    Bendavid will be hitting the road in March for a solo tour in support of The Human Haiku. We've got all the dates below:

    Orly Bendavid of EGB on Tour
    Mar 1 - Pete's Candy Store - Brooklyn* (Full Band)
    Mar 5 - The Coffee Vault - Dousman, Wisconsin**
    Mar 6 - The Java House - Iowa City, Iowa**
    Mar 7 - Coffee Cat - Mason City, Iowa**
    Mar 8 - Meadowlark Cafe - Lincoln, Nebraska**
    Mar 9 - Crescent Moon Coffee - Lincoln, Nebraska**
    Mar 10 - Mars Cafe - Des Moines, Iowa**
    Mar 11 - MARS Cafe - Des Moines, Iowa**
    Mar 12 - Mojo's - Davenport, Iowa**
    Mar 13 - 8th Note Coffeehouse, UWM campus - Milwaukee, Wisconsin**
    Mar 14 - Stumpjack Coffee Co. - Two Rivers, Wisconsin**
    Mar 15 - Roast Coffee Co. - Milwaukee, Wisconsin**
    Mar 18 - Indie Coffee - Madison, Wisconsin**
    Mar 19 - Jitters Coffee House UW Whitewater Campus - Whitewater, Wisconsin**
    Mar 20 - Uncommon Ground on Devon - chicago, Illinois**
    Mar 27 - Mama Java's - Phoenix*
    Mar 29 - HOTEL CAFE - Los Angeles, California*
    Apr 1 - Ace in the Hole Pub - Sebastopol, California*
    Apr 7 - Dakota Live Music Lounge - Los Angeles, California*
    *w/ Matt Davies
    **w/ Matt and Steph Davies

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    MP3: Every Good Boy:: Stairmaster - The Human Haiku
    Every Good Boy on Myspace

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