BAEBLE FIRST PLAY: 'Who Am I?' by Andrew Bryant
    • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2018

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Andrew Bryant has a knack for loading up a simple moment with an enormous amount of emotional weight. On "Robert Downey Jr.'s Scars" - the first song from the native Mississippian's forthcoming album, Ain't It Like The Cosmos - he turns an everyday, lethargic moment into a vivid, self-empowering statement. "Iron Man was on the TV / I was pouring myself another beer / Thinking about all the pain that's in my heart / Thinking about Robert Downey Jr's scars / And, man, I know just what it takes / Yeah, I know just what it takes to start again." Most folks use the third or fourth viewing of a several-years-old action movie playing on TBS as a way to write off a night and get to tomorrow. Bryant uses it for a dose of self-reflection.

    That type of introspection is also at the heart of Ain't It Like The Cosmos' second song, "Who Am I?", which we're happy to be premiering today. It's a song that carries a kind of sentiment every artist can relate with at some point in their career. "They turn off the lights / Writing off the lines of the singing kind / Filling up their glasses with some wine...". What artist hasn't poured their heart out in front of an audience, only to be shrugged off and ignored? It's the kind of "What's the point?" moment I suspect Bryant doesn't spend too much time worrying about these days. He's recorded seven solo albums, another three albums with his band Water Liars, he's toured with the likes of The Drive-By Truckers and Angel Olsen, and he has three kids. In other words, he's done a shit-ton of living...he's got a full plate.

    As it turns out, "Who Am I" is a bit of a relic from Bryant's past, perhaps from a time when that hollowed feeling followed him around a bit more. "This is the only song on the record that wasn't written in the last couple of years," Bryant told us. "It's actually about 12 years old, older than my oldest kid. But I finally found a place for it. It's a song of self-reflection in the midst of self-doubt, which I believe is a healthy habit to stay in, especially for artists. And it seems to fit well with the overall theme of the album."

    Ain't It Like the Cosmos will be released on March 9th via Last Chance Records. You can order the album HERE. Andrew is also planning a slate of solo dates this Spring, so be on the lookout for that.

    Check out Water Liars Perform at The Guest Apartment a few years back.

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