• THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2018

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    [Photo Credit: Ashley Osborn]

    Vocalist/guitarist of Secret Weapons, Danny Rocco, has started a new side project under the name Des Rocs, and today we have the exclusive premiere of his first single "HVY MTL DRMR." The tune is heavy and anthemic, with distorted guitars and dirty bass. The chorus is pretty much one big, empowering chant that's bound to have you screaming along by the end. It sounds like an instant classic, commercial-ready rock song

    Rocco shared a statement on the song, "'HVY' is about looking back on all you've done and thinking about what you could've told yourself when you first started. It's about struggle and perseverance in the face of chaos and uncertainty. It's about chasing dreams, thinking back to the day I first found a guitar in my mom's attic and wondering what I'd do differently if I knew what I know now."

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