Rihanna And Drake Get To Work
    • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2016

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    Rihanna's Anti was on the verge of reaching Frank Ocean/My Bloody Valentine "where the f*** is this album hiding" status before it finally dropped at the beginning of the year. But it did come out...with a mild clusterf*** of a release thanks to Tidal accidentally leaking the album before it was meant to be out which led to Rihanna giving the record away for free upon release. But it's gone platinum so clearly Riri's fans are still on board.

    The video for the album's first official single (because a host of the singles that came out between Anti and Unapologetic never wound up on Anti including "Bitch Better Have My Money"), "Work" feat. Drake, was released today and considering the album's decidedly non-pop sound, this was one of the only pop/club bangers on the record which makes it appropriate that the video which is sweltering with sexuality takes place in the club.

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