recut:  dr. dog
    • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2011

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    This time of the year, Austin Texas always seems on the tip of every music lovers tongue, as bands, brands, and fans gear up for the annual barrage of the best sites and sounds the music industry has to offer during the SXSW Festival. Here at Baeble we too are busy scheming one of our biggest events to datelook for the details to begin emerging over the next few days.

    All this planning for our annual run on Texas greatest town has us feeling nostalgic. So today were dusting off a recut concert video of one of our favorite all time shows, captured on the very same day a hurricane named Ike was auspiciously scooting by Austins eastern periphery. The town couldnt avoid the eye of Dr. Dog though, as the Philly band descended upon the Parish for an epic performance back in the Fall of '08.

    ...Watch The Concert...

    Prepping a potent elixir for their thirsty Austin audience, Dr. Dog made sure to dissolve plenty of riff rock, CSNY style country folk, sweet and sour soul, and modern bits of hippie-psych into this beautifully breezy performance. Pulling a bulk of their material from critically acclaimed albums Fate and We All Belong, the band treated every patient in the room with a sonic prescription that included fan favorites like "The Old Days", "The Rabbit, the Bat, and the Reindeer", "Ain't It Strange", and "My Old Ways". Put simply, Dr. Dog (and their fans) had their day. So too will you if you give this recut concert a whirl.

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