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    • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2011

    • Posted by: Martika Finch

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    The Beach Fossils show at 285 Kent Ave was quite the send-off for guitarist Christopher Burke's last performance with the band. Lead singer Dustin Payseur was his usual charming self offering witty remarks in between songs and encouraging everyone to take their turn in the unexpected mosh pit if they hadn't already been sucked in.

    Opener La Femme, who hail from France and sing in their native tongue, really got the crowd moving to their new-wave dance pop. Then Beach Fossil's Captured Tracks label mates Widowspeak slowed it down a bit with their mesmerizing, minimal but ethereal grunge-esque rock, and after that immaculate performance, the crowd was ready to move again, and so were Beach Fossils.

    Beach Fossils are not a band that idly stands with their instruments whining into microphones — they always deliver their live performances with relentless energy, swinging their instruments around as they dance to their own beach rock pop melodies. The crowd's spirit nearly ruined a few of their amps, but it was clear that the band was enjoying their enthusiasm as much as their own. Payseur even hopped off stage to have his own go in the raging pit getting completely immersed in a sea of sweaty fans while still managing to carry a tune.

    The band started with a number of tracks off their recently released sophomore LP What A Pleasure. This album doesn't quite mark a departure in their sound, but it's clear that most of the new tracks are moodier due to the impact of John Penas heavy bass lines in tracks like "What A Pleasure". A slightly more up-beat number "Calyer" slowed down to a bass-driven moment when Payseur sympathetically sings, "I want to share bad times." The band made sure to play songs from their self-titled debut album, and sure enough tracks like "Youth" and "Daydream" proved to be crowd favorites.

    If you missed this show look out for news of Beach Fossils' upcoming cross-country spring tour currently in the works. What A Pleasure is now available in limited edition red vinyl.


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