fun of the day: thom yorke thinks he can dance
    • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    By now the smooth criminal moves of Thom Yorke are already iconic, but when he took to the camera to set his famous shake to the sweet sounds of "Lotus Flower" (off the recently impacted King Of Limbs), the internet exploded with commentary/GIFs. Of course someone had the idea to set ol' Thom loose on some other classic pants-off dance-offs, and the results are, well, you can imagine. You can't? WE WILL SHOW YOU.

    "Single Ladies":

    "Whip My Hair":

    Thom Yorke: making seizures look cool since 1998. First one to set Beyonce dancing to "15 Step" gets a prize!* Let's keep this party going, schizophrenic style!

    [Thanks to Siobhan for the tip!]

    *Prize might be, but is not necessarily limited to my undying respect and a Baeblemusic sticker or something

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