10 Best Times Artists Surprised Their Fans
    • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 2018

    • Posted by: Piera Lolandes

    Oh, our favorite artists -- they are creative beyond belief, make music that we can't get enough of, and occasionally enjoy surprising their (very lucky) fans. Whether it's surprising them at talk shows, weddings, during street performances, etc., you won't help but smile or tear up as you watch these encounters for yourself. Don't lie, you know you would be equally as excited if your favorite artist surprised you out of nowhere, too.

    1. Adele

    In this funny video we get to see Adele being totally adorable as she surprises a few fans courtesy of The Graham Norton Show. The fans were told that they were being allowed to take a picture with Adele's actual Grammy but little did they know that Adele and Graham were photobombing the pictures in the process. As if that wasn't funny enough, she actually goes up to each one of them and even says "Hello, it's me." Not gonna lie, my reaction would be just like the girl at the end of the video.

    2. Sam Smith

    Some marriages have husbands, and some don't. Some marriages have Sam Smith, and most don't. In this touching video, Sam Smith is a part of an LGBT wedding as their surprise performer. Smith, who is openly gay, is clearly touched as he witnesses the couples ceremony from a far. Needless to say, everyone at the wedding was surprised by Smith's performance later that day. What an angel he is and now we know it's not just because of his voice.

    3. Taylor Swift

    While we are in the topic of weddings, here is Taylor Swift giving a very low key performance at a fan's wedding. The bride and groom weren't the only ones to be surprised, you can hear almost all the wedding guests saying "Oh my god!" over and over. Can't blame them, I'd be calling god himself too if Tay showed up at my friend's wedding unannounced. She's so cute as she says "I apologize for wedding crashing" right before performing her song "Blank Space" for the newlyweds.

    4. Kanye West

    While we might love to have Taylor Swift at our wedding or any event we are at, someone who wouldn't love to have her anywhere (and vise versa) is Kanye West. It's no secret that their ongoing feud is always at the top of headlines and you can say whatever you want about West, but he has his moments. One of those moments being when he surprised fans at the launch of his Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost a couple of years ago. The video doesn't show any fans overreacting to Yeezy himself delivering the shoes to them but we do get a glimpse of the rapper taking the time to pose for pictures with them. Not only did these fans get the opportunity to purchase the very in-demand sneakers, but also have the designer hand deliver them. How cool is that!?

    5. Selena Gomez

    Kill them with kindness? More like kill them by surprising them in their bedroom! That's exactly what Selena Gomez did to a lucky Aussie fan of hers. The fan was the reason Selena made it all the way to Australia thanks to the Facebook and Instagram accounts she had created to get Gomez's attention. She didn't do it just for herself, she did it for every Selena Gomez fan in Australia that couldn't afford to make it all the way to the States for a show. Selena made sure to thank her in person and take a couple of selfies with her in the process. Cuteness overload!

    6. Justin Bieber

    You know, now that Justin and Selena are back together, I truly wonder if they sit around and talk about the times they've surprised fans. It seems like they share more than their love for each other, they've both surprised fans in their bedrooms. Not many couples have fans that they have to surprise. Actually, most couples don't even have fans but Jelena sure does. Thanks to The Ellen Show, this very lucky fan had the surprise of her life as she gets a knock on her bedroom door and thinks its her mom but it ends up being Justin himself and the cameras capture it all. Justin is such a gentleman as he greets her with flowers.

    7. Steven Tyler

    Imagine performing a song on the streets from one of your favorite bands and next thing you know, the bands frontman joins you! That's exactly what happened to this man while he was performing on the streets of Moscow and Aerosmith's Steven Tyler joined him mid-song. The fan looks way too composed (probably internally shocked) as the rock legend joins him and later poses for some pictures. Some lyrics were forgotten along the way but who cares?! When the performance is donation based and you get a last minute cameo from the singer himself, you don't complain.

    8. Ed Sheeran

    Why stop there when it comes to artists surprising fans mid-performance? Here we have Ed Sheeran surprising a fan while she was performing one of his songs at a mall. The best part of these types of surprises is that the performer is not the only one surprised, so is the crowd. If I were that fan, I would have stopped singing all together and just let Ed sing his song because I'm sure no one would want me singing after the real musician showed up, just saying.

    9. Maroon 5

    Oh great, another Brooklyn band busking at the New York City subway. Oh wait, its actually Maroon 5 and Jimmy Fallon?! Yes, please! Leave it up to the very funny Jimmy Fallon to get Adam Levine and James Valentine of Maroon 5 to busk with him in disguise for the NYC commuters to enjoy. There wasn't much of a crowd when they first started singing in costume but once Fallon introduced himself and the band members, you bet people were no longer rushing to work but rather rushed to crowd around them. I wouldn't mind being late to work if it meant I got to witness a brief but free Maroon 5 performance.

    10. Beyoncé

    It's no secret that Beyoncé loves to surprise her fans during her performances by randomly letting them sing into her mic or dancing with them but this surprise is very special. This special fan had her wish come true which was to dance with her idol. The terminally ill fan was brought to tears as Beyoncé sang "Survivor" and danced with her. Beyoncé was sweet and touched the young girls face as she sang, needless to say the fan wasn't the only one crying. I have to admit, I couldn't watch this without getting teary eyed.

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