Passion Pit Drops Three More New Songs
    • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 2017

    • Posted by: Mandi Dudek

    Last week, we heard three new songs from Passion Pit, "Somewhere Up There," "Inner Dialogue" and "Im Perfect." Over the weekend, Passion Pit's mastermind, Michael Angelakos, and the band brought us a couple more tracks, "Moonbeam" and "Hey K," as well as "You Have The Right," which was just released today. Yes, that brings us to six new Passion Pit songs in a little over a week.

    "Moonbeam" is under a minute and a half long and it's a sunny, twinkly and upbeat instrumental number. It's short and sweet with a quintessential Passion Pit sound. "Hey K" is the slow jam ballad of the bunch. With a soulful introduction that leads into a steady R&B-influenced mix of percussion and synths. Angelakos displays his crooning falsetto as he sings about pain, making up and loving whoever "K" is till the end of time. "You Have The Right" sounds like a song you listen to in the summer with its washed-out guitar and chilled-out beats.

    All of the songs were released under The Wishart Group's YouTube page - the company that Angelakos started to provide artists with legal, healthcare and education advice. On Friday, Passion Pit also revealed what looks like cover art for a possible new album called, Tremendous Sea Of Love. At this speed, we could be seeing the new album pretty soon.

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