Katy Perry Adds Another Layer of Confusion to 'Chained To The Rhythm'
    • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    We all know how I feel about "Chained To The Rhythm." When Katy Perry performed the self-labeled "purposeful pop" song at The Grammys, I took it upon myself to not only tear the performance apart, but the song. The song itself is a confusing mess, along with every visual and promo tactic attached to it. First, teasing the song with disco balls? Okay, off to a good start. Then releasing a lyric video that first, shows how silly the lyrics are and secondly, features hamsters and tiny furniture (aka nothing to do with the lyrics)? THEN, performing it at The Grammys accompanied (more like blocked) by a huge fence? It all felt like one confusing blur...

    And now that this video is out, well, the blur has just gotten a little bit blurrier. Now, the song officially takes place in "Oblivia," AKA a roller coaster-filled theme park where everyone is dressed up as an alien?

    Okay, so I won't be totally bitter about this... I get it. They're all in this place that seems like a beautiful utopia, living in their little bubble yet little do they know, the rose garden is filled with thorns and people are being flung out of the ride carts. I get it. But with all the singing about getting your drink on and dancing 'til the wee hours of the morning, this was probably the first ever "dance in a club and get lifted" video I have ever hoped for, and I didn't get it. Every pop star can turn their wonky metaphors into a video about clubs, but this time when it's actually about clubs, Perry made it about spaceships. I guess we can admire that decision.

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