Single Serving: Slothrust Shred and Get Weird On 'Crockpot'
    • FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 2014

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    That a band called Slothrust was recently pitched to us as harking back to the glory days of grunge is not surprising. Slothrust is an excellent name for a grunge band...and "Crockpot" is an excellent name for a grunge song. Pulled from the band's recently released album Of Course You Do, the New York trio channel the spirit of Cobain and Malkmus with sludgy, bottom dwelling guitar crunch and singer Leah Wellbaum's arid, cautionary verse: "Some men purchase real dolls to fill the void / But she don't finish dinner and her expression never changes / Don't shake hands with the lonely kids 'cause I hear that shit's contagious."

    But dig into the exquisitely sloppy racket these guys are pedaling a little more and there's something else going on. Fly-by-night bass noodlings and running scales that scamper up and down the fret boards between phrases suggest more formal training hiding in the folds of their music. Specifically in jazz and blues...not the kind of stylings you'd associate with a band called Slothrust. In turn, Slothrust don't sound like the kind of band you'd associate with such distinctions either. "We weren't the type of kids who begged our folks to take us to jazz concerts or were listening to Miles Davis on our walks to high school," the band's drummer Will Gorin told us. "We weren't nearly that cool." Such interests came later. But once they did, the band found ways to meld their love of rock with new sonic discoveries. "We wanted to take grunge-rock and play it well," Gorin told us. "For our rhythm section, we focus on a nice funky-blues drum and bass relationship. We try and keep that shit locked in at all times so Leah can shred and get weird without having to worry."

    Oh, and speaking of weird, that name of theirs? Leah credits an obsession with sloths in her formidable years. "But, time has passed. Rust accumulates on metal when time passes, so the name Slothrust felt totally organic. We like how it looks and sounds."

    So do we. Check out "Crockpot" below and pick up the band's new album Of Course You Do, available now via Ba Da Bing Records.

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