Beach Fossils  Clash the Truth
    • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 2013

    • Posted by: Eric Galietti

    On Beach Fossils' second full-length album Clash the Truth, the Brooklyn dream-pop outfit make use of better production, live drums, and a bolder attitude to make their most enjoyable release to date.

    After releasing their 2010 self-titled debut LP and and the What a Pleasure EP, Beach Fossils have come to be known for their modest brand of shoegaze, fitting them nicely into their Captured Tracks label. Their latest album Clash the Truth encompasses all of the band's signature sounds; reverb-soaked tracks are laden with singer Dustin Payseur's melancholic day-dream vocals, tight and simple drums, and a nice balance of strolling bass and clean guitar twang. What sets the new record apart is a confidence that was missing in their previous efforts.

    The confidence here is in the band's delivery and songwriting. Clash the Truth shows us, rather than merely offering the band's talent and message. Although the feeling of indifference in their previous releases was thematically and musically fitting, Beach Fossils' new record makes the previous release feel held back. Clash the Truth utilizes the stronger aspects of post-punk and shoegaze to bring an urgency and liveliness that was previously missing. There's a new strength that comes from the overdriven guitar in tracks like "Birthday" and "Caustic Cross" and a punk foot kicking the drums in "Careless".

    With Clash the Truth, Beach Fossils give us some of the best examples of their sound as a whole, and support it with a nice variety of energy. Whereas before, Beach Fossils always sounded kind of bored, on the new release they at times sound nearly fed-up. As a young band with punk beginnings, Beach Fossils take what we've only before seen bottled up and decide to let it out. I knew they had it in them.

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