SNL: Maya Rudolph and Sleigh Bells
    • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 2012

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    SNL this week was solid! There is nothing like the old pros coming back to play. Take notes, kids. Maya Rudolph's presence inspired so many great things-- the return of Bronx Beat, Amy Poehler guesting on Weekend Update, and Justin Timberlake making several cameos, including an impression of Bon Iver in a sea of impressions of other music celebs and laffs on laffs on laffs, man. Sleigh Bells performed two tracks off their forthcoming LP, Reign of Terror, and they've updated their girl/guitar/wall of amps shtick to include a SECOND guitar. Whoa nelly, we've got twice the rock.

    We'd just embed EVERY sketch if we could, but we've gotta pick some highlights so here we go!

    Jay-Z and Beyonce's Baby was just a really good sketch. Thank you, white butler.

    The Linsanity cold open was also great! No sports know-how necessary for enjoyment. That's the power of racism!

    A very special What Up With That? President's Day edition had Bill O'Reilly and Kate Upton. Bronx Beat was hilarious but also went on for easily 45 minutes. And, of course, Sleigh Bells were loud.

    "Comeback Kid":

    "End of the Line":

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