Betty Who Is Impossible To Ignore In New Video 'Ignore Me'
    • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2018

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    When I met Betty Who last Spring, I vowed that I would give her my endless love and devotion. That woman is a saint -- she's funny, she's in tune with herself, and she has enough infectious confidence to share with everyone in the room. Simply put, she's a bright and happy energy, so when I saw that she dropped a new video for "Ignore Me" today, I was excited.

    "Ignore Me" is such a good story because it is so unabashedly Betty Who in all of her IDGAF glory. Although the Julia Michaels-tinged instrumentation is smooth and simple, the lyrics are feisty and honest. When most artists are singing and begging for attention, Who makes it simple, "the best thing you can do is just to ignore me, forget I was born," Who sings, and it's in no way petty -- she really means it. She's not being mean, she just has some damn self-respect, and the self-assurance she's constantly radiating makes this feel authentic. This is a song that women everywhere should listen to.

    The video that comes along with it once again is so Betty. When I chatted with her last year, she told me about how when she was younger she always wanted to dance, but people told her she couldn't. Now, she's constantly dancing in all of her videos and we love it. As she slays the choreography in an all-white outfit, she's constantly laughing and flirting with fellow dancers. The whole thing is fun and playful and proves how cool Betty Who is.

    Also watch our interview with the Australian pop star:

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