5 Presidents With Hidden Musical Talents
    • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2017

    • Posted by: Matt Guyotte

    Presidents don't tend for their ability to hold a saxophone as much as their ability to captivate a crowd, or negotiate with a foreign country, but doesn't stop these presidents from partaking in the sweet gifts music can offer.

    1. Warren Harding

    Although pretty much one of the most corrupt presidents in American history, this early 1920s president sure knew how to party. Apparently, there wasn't an instrument that this guy couldn't play other than the trombone and clarinet, and he would; at his huge house parties full of prohibition whiskey, and him sexing up his mistresses in closets.

    Warren G Tuba

    2. Richard Nixon

    Hey, another corrupt president. All Watergate things aside, this guy was actually a pretty impressive piano player, and actually composed a whole piano concerto himself, which he played here on "Jack Jarr Program" in 1963.

    3. Barack Obama

    Okay, you definitely knew this one. After singing Al Green on during one of his speeches, and "Amazing Grace" at the funeral for Rev. Clementa Pinckney in 2015, Obama proved he was both one of the coolest presidents ever, and that he had bars. We miss you, Obama.

    4. Bill Clinton

    This dude's saxophone skills pretty much got him elected. Nobody really paid him any mind in the 1992 election when he was coming up. He was a governor with some good ideas, but ultimately, there was nothing that really *popped* about him to people. That is, until he had a sax performance at Arsenio Hall in 1992. After that, the democratic nomination was easily his.

    5. Andrew Jackson

    Sure, this dude was crazy, but did you know that he was crazy, AND he could play the banjo? Pretty well, too. I mean, it doesn't excuse the whole Trail of Tears thing and ruining the livelihood of Native Americans for centuries to come. But hey, you got to take the good with the inexcusably awful sometimes, you know?

    Andrew Jackson Portrait

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