Fanfarlo Let's Go Extinct
    • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2014

    • Posted by: Anthony Toto

    "Now we look at these projections, concentrated far of fear / We pretend that it's the real thing / and the things outside of me," Fanfarlo's third studio album Let's Go Extinct is a musical extravaganza with an assortment of experimental sounds and conceptual storylines questioning human existence, such as the one above featured on "Landlocked." Ambient, outlandish, and daringly courageous, Let's Go Extinct shines brightest when the band fully utilizes its instrumental prowess. Album opener "Life in the Sky," maintains a singular focus that sets a precedent of consistency across the entire album. Bands too often complicate song structures when trying to incorporate a variety of instruments in a single tune, however, to avoid overbearing listeners, Fanfarlo's musical interludes have breathing room. On top of a gorgeous melody, the humming introduction transitions into a powerful horn section before climaxing into an irresistible chorus. After all of its twists and turns, the song adds a sense of fun as the listener ponders what will happen next.

    With its shockingly pleasant musical backdrop, Let's Go Extinct is somewhat of a satirical title as the music comes nowhere close to sounding apocalyptic. Fanfarlo manages to bridge a gap between 60s rock and roll, 70s style disco, 80s new wave, and modern indie pop. Album highlights "Cell Song" and "Landlocked" are filled with clean guitar chords and ambient synthesizers that give its vocalists a dynamic palette to build upon. On both tracks, the instruments synchronize cohesively underneath one melody. The somber tone of "Painting With Life," is highlighted with an elegant violin interlude, which builds into a swing-era esque upbeat outro. "The End of the Beginning" has the album's most passionate vocal performance with the piano sitting underneath its calming allure. Easily the album's strongest chorus, this track benefits from its simplicity. The moment didn't call for a variety of instruments or left-field twists and the band made the right decision to let its vocalists carry the track.

    Overall, Let's Go Extinct is fairly consistent in delivering quality songwriting while the instrumental performance is top-of-the-line. Each track brings its own exciting interlude or melody to the table. The only downfall of Let's Go Extinct comes as some tracks suffer from a slow build up. "Myth of Myself" eventually builds into an intriguing folk style acoustic interlude that saves it from being forgettable. On the title-track, its slow pace never builds into anything memorable or fulfilling with its choruses and verses ending the album on an unfulfilling note. From a songwriting perspective, Fanfarlo deserves praise for relying on their musical talents to benefit the dynamics of their material. When pursuing anything associated with pop, it's commendable to hear a group who's forming their own path by straying from anything remotely typical.

    Let's Go Extinct is out now. Get your copy here.

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