Kate Nash's 'Drink About You' Is A Bouncing And Cathartic Contradiction
    • FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 02, 2018

    • Posted by: Chris Deverell

    Some people clam up as soon as you point a camera at them, turning into an awkward, blubbering mess. Kate Nash is not one of those people. She just wrapped up shooting for the second season of the Netflix original GLOW, yet has managed to find the time to not only announce her upcoming fourth album, but to release its first single "Drink About You", along with the music video she stars in.

    Dropping the solemnity that defined 2017's EP Agenda, "Drink About You" is raucous pop-rock through and through, starting out uptempo before really putting the pedal to the metal. Interestingly, the overall presentation contradicts and buries the real message behind the song, that Nash describes as so,

    "‘Drink About You' is about breaking up with someone and becoming obsessed with an idea of who they are, to the point you can't think of anything else or move on. It's an unhealthy obsession, you imagine things are better than they are and latch on to whatever you can about the relationship that could be turned to good. And you deal with the pain in an unhealthy way too."

    Still, being a breakup or post-breakup song doesn't mean that "Drink About You" has to be a downer, and Nash plays the part with an eager level of exuberance. Along with the track, Nash bounces throughout the video, unafraid to show a bit of her cheeky side (that has two meanings). It's earnest yet not over-indulgent, and proof that even if breakups suck, it doesn't mean you can't have a little bit of fun with them.

    Yesterday Was Forever
    , Nash's fourth album and "teenage diary", is out March 30.

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