Top 2017 Super Bowl Ads Ranked From Worst to Best (So Far)
    • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 02, 2017

    • Posted by: Mandi Dudek

    The Super Bowl is probably the only time we all actually enjoy commercial breaks. Millions of people are tuning in around the world so the Super Bowl is one of the best days of the year for advertisers. Because of this, and the fact that a 30-second spot in Super Bowl LI can cost you $5 million, brands do everything they can to get celebrity cameos and special effects. Or they develop ads that stand out - whether it's political or extremely kooky. Since there are a bunch of ads already leaked for the 2017 Super Bowl, here are the top 11 ranked from worst to best (so far).

    11. Intel "Brady Everyday"

    First of all, the dog is a better actor than Tom Brady will ever be. I get the concept behind the commercial and it's short and sweet - but I think Intel could've come up with a better idea for this one. Sorry, Tom. Stick to your day job.

    10. Avocados From Mexico "Secret Society"

    Adam Lovitz (from Celebrity Apprentice) will be on the Super Bowl ad for Avocados From Mexico - where a secret society meeting is being held with a group of members have trouble keeping secrets. One member can't get bigfoot's existence out of his mind and another live-streams the meeting but they emphasize on the health benefits of avocados and I'm all for that.

    9. Mr. Clean "Cleaner Of Your Dreams"

    Mr. Clean went real creepy with this ad featuring an animated, hunky version of Mr. Clean who gets down and dirty all over the house.

    8. Buick "Big Game" With Cam Newton

    Buick takes a too-good-to-be-true approach in an ad featuring Miranda Kerr and Panthers quarterback, Cam Newton, and it's really, really good. There's nothing like watching Cam Newton chest bunch a bunch of pee-wee football players.

    7. Tide "Gronk's Cleaner Discount"

    I have to admit - I'm not a fan of Rob Gronkowski but I did giggle at this one and his acting wasn't too shabby either. Jeffrey Tambor enters Gronk's dry cleaning shop to pick up his button down dress shirt and Gronk gave him the Belichick cut-off treatment.

    6. Febreze "Super Bowl Bathroom Break"

    For Febreze's first-ever Super Bowl commercial, they decided to ditch their usual subtle ads and have Katherine Hahn voice the foul truth. Everyone needs a bathroom break to escape the chaos, but we all have that friend who stinks everything up. Febreze has your back.

    5. 2017 Kia Nora "A Hero's Journey"

    As ridiculous as this ad might be, the story behind it is great. Melissa McCarthy stars as an environmental activist who's on a mission to save the planet however she can. But after some unfortunate fails, she realizes it's hard to be an eco-warrior and a Kia hybrid could be the answer.

    4. Skittles "Romance"

    Why throw rocks at your crush's window when you can chuck skittles up there? Too bad everyone from grandma to a woodchuck was up there taking turns intercepting teen Romeos rainbow candies. The only thing that would make this ad better was if Marshawn Lynch was in it.

    3. T-Mobile "#UnlimitedMoves"

    T-Mobile does a good job getting celebrities on their ads - Nicki Minaj, Drake Ariana Grande - and this year, they got Justin Bieber as a "Celebration Expert" who goes through the different types of touchdown moves there are. Gronk plays a caveman and T.O. gets down and of course, the Biebs had to show off his moves.

    2. Budweiser "Born The Hard Way"

    I'm a big fan of this ad. It's a minute-long ad that tells the story about how Adolphus Busch immigrated to the US from Germany in the 1800s. The ad shows Busch making the journey to St. Louis, where he meets Ebert Anheuser over a nice, cold beer. Thus, the creation of Anheuser-Busch brewing company (now AB InBev) was born. The political ad is taking a shot at Trump's decision to close US borders to refugees and seven of the majority-Muslim countries and I think the message behind it is very clear.

    1. Tostitos/Pepsi - Joe Flacco Saves Super Bowl "Party Poopers"

    This is easily my favorite ad on this list. Last year, Baltimore Ravens quarterback played the part of a bad party guest in the Pepsi x Tostitos commercial, where he underwent a party guest intervention. And this year, things have changed a little bit. Flacco is a former party pooper who's giving advice on how to avoid being one yourself. "Now, thanks to this perfect haircut and these amazing products, I'm an elite party guest." Every party has a pooper, don't be that person this year.

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