This Beyonce Fan May Be a Psychic
    • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 02, 2017

    • Posted by: Matt Guyotte

    With the announcement of Beyonce's pregnancy with twins, there was also another piece of information that emerged. Somebody predicted it 8 months before it happened.

    Going by the name beyoncefan666, this Twitter user who may very well have the help of Satan on their side, also goes on to predict the election of Trump, and the fact that we're not doing so hot right now.

    Also, apparently Lady Gaga is going to be performing at the Super Bowl.

    And Brexit? One step ahead of you.

    This is pretty cool, and I'm excited to see what else this person announces, if anything else at all. For the skeptics though:

    Yes, it could be true that whoever is behind this account could have just made a bunch of random predictions under a private account, deleted the ones that turned out to be untrue, and then published the account. Or they could have found a way a way to change the day on these tweets, and they were all posted after the fact.

    Why do we have to be so cynical all the time though? Remember when you were a kid reading Harry Potter and you thought you would totally have an opportunity to turn somebody into a frog or a piece of lettuce or something if you just received your Hogwarts letter? Maybe the person is some type of psychic. All we know is that these tweets exist, and they are true. Who cares if we're right about how it 'truly' came about? Wouldnt you want to know the future in these uncertain times?

    Anyway, the point is, Beyonce is pregnant.

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