BAEBLE FIRST PLAY: 'Unicorn' by Zeke Finn
    • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 02, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    It's no secret that we love Matisyahu over here, so when we received a song from his protege, Zeke Finn, we fell head over heels in love. His new track, "Unicorn," kind of sounds like a unicorn, if unicorns made musical sounds... And we know that sounds weird, but once you get a taste of the beat-centric electronics, magical synths, and dreamy melodies, you'll understand. Finn explained the song to Baeble, "I believe this song to be the first step forward into a new musical journey. Delving deeper into imaginative mystical realms while embracing more electronic contemporary sounds to do so. 'Unicorn' is just the beginning."

    There's no doubt that there's a layer of whimsical wanderlust hidden beneath this NYC-based artist's music. With Matisyahu as a mentor, he also mixes together several different genres: hip hop, reggae, ambient, pop, and even jam. We hope "Unicorn" really is just the beginning.

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