The Baeble Next: The Tranquil Folk Beauty Of Lily and Madeleine
    • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 02, 2016

    • Posted by: Emily Oldenquist

    The term "acoustic" often offers resemblance to rainy days, introspective lyrics, and
    apologetic melodies. There is an undoubtable mood that goes along with the choice to listen to bands like The Head and the heart, Sea Wolf, and/or The Lumineers. But what some people often forget is that, within the broad scope of term, a spectrum of various sub-genres exists.

    The Head and the Heart's tempo provides a little more oomph than any mood like sitting around an evening fireplace. Sea wolf provokes a sense of nostalgia with lyrical depth. The Lumineers' identity and mood is dispersed across folk and pop with unexplainably pleasant tempo combinations. There is more to "acoustic" than a first listen, or a genres pre made name-tag. With this in a newly opened mind, listeners should give new acts a chance. This "open-mind" is exactly what I utilized when I was introduced to the Indianapolis U.S duo Lily and Madeleine (a band who we shot for a gorgeous session last week which will be going live in the weeks to come).

    "Come to Me (Ofenbach Remix)" tops their most-popular track-list on Spotify with over one million plays. With that as the first listen, I was encouraged by the talented female vocals that swooped over the friendly-paced percussion and altered instruments. Tracks from "Devil We Know" and "And Tonight" follow the playbook of ethereal acoustic sound.

    Lily & Madeleine work comfortably within the easy listening realm of folk and we won't be surprised to see them drawing comparisons to acts like She and Him or First Aid Kit. And stay tuned to the site in the weeks ahead because we can't wait to share our session with the band.

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