Taylor Swift Attempts To Show Indie Cred In New Tour Announcement
    • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 02, 2015

    • Posted by: Aimee Curran

    In another effort to look as though she's discovered a cool new band everyone should know about, Taylor Swift is officially taking HAIM out of the indie underground by announcing via Twitter she will be having the sister band join her for 17 shows during her 1989 tour.

    "The girls and I got to talking and Im overjoyed to announce that @haimtheband will be joining The 1989 World Tour!! TOURING W/ SQUAD YESSSS." she tweeted.

    Cue eye roll. While this is great news for HAIM, I can't help but feel like Taylor is trying to look tapped into a mid-20-something musical culture (who considers her albums to be a guilty pleasure) she doesn't artistically fit in with.

    Sure Taylor has the ability to turn whatever she touches into a musical money maker, but she always seems late to the game on her "discoveries." HAIM is nominated for the Best New Artist Grammy, they have a cult following and don't really need time in Taylor's spotlight. Albeit it's only going to help the LA based trio, they aren't jonesing for attention from any music mega-star.

    I'd like to see Taylor truly discover a band more in-tune to her new found pop wheelhouse than latch on to a well established act she deems edgy enough for her to "introduce" to the world.

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