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    • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 02, 2015

    • Posted by: Camille Fantasia

    Although Milo Greene's new album is entitled Control, the airy feel of the music seems to be more about losing it. The indie pop quintet, born in Los Angeles, dropped their sophomore album this week via Elektra and Chop Shop Records. The self-described "cinematic pop" is definitely less folk than their first album, instead it's more lo-fi and atmospheric.

    This album feels a lot like the 2013 sophomore album, Static, of the Cults. There's something nostalgic to the ephemeral quality of both albums' sound that feels very much of the current generation. There's a kind of heartbreaking longing, but also a breezy feel. The energetic, percussive beats and wave-like synths are layered beneath poetic, sometimes dark lyrics, like "I was never myself / And you were always someone else," on "Parents' House."

    "From now on I won't try, I'll just feed you white lies," sings a sweet, haunting voice in "White Lies," one of the best songs on the album. They also try to capture a kind of disillusionment combined with a revolutionary spirit in "When It's Done," "Winter's colder than I thought" but "I'm not dying before I feel you working." Then, in "Royal Blue," there's this kind of aquarian clarity, or distance from sentimentality: "Oh wicked world you've mistaken me for love/ Take all the air out of my lungs/ I was never yours." Beautiful lyrics sung as if the voice is disembodied with a birds eye view of the world.

    The departure from their folk feel on their first album is bold already, but I wanted Control to be even bolder, to be more wild and to take more risk. I want more oomph, I want an anthem. The record is a solid synth pop showcase. If bands like Tennis and Beach House are your thing, then this record comes highly recommended. This is the record for Milo Greene's newly farmed fan set.

    Control is out now via Elektra/Chop Shop Records. Get your copy here at itunes, and watch our #Hangsesh with Graham Fink and Marlana Sheetz, where they talk the making of Control over Tarot:

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