5 Artists We'd Like To See Kanye West Collaborate With Next
    • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 02, 2015

    • Posted by: Emily Daly

    Paul McCartney and Kanye West might seem like an unlikely duo for a collaboration; One is a member of a 1960s British rock'n'roll group, arguably the most famous and well-liked band in the history of music. The other, is, well, a rapper known as much for his antics as his talent. It looks like the hip-hop star is branching out, and here are some artists we'd like to see him team up with next:

    The Australian singer has garnered attention and controversy for her emotional, metaphorical music videos. Kanye West is also known for his ambitious film work- just check out the 34 minute video, Runaway. If the two created a song together, there'd be a pretty crazy video. Let's just hope if Shia LaBeouf is in it, he has some clothes on this time.
    This would actually be really cool, because: Both musicians have a strong artistic vision. If they work together, something interesting is bound to happen.

    Both have crossed paths with pop-star Taylor Swift; Kanye at the 2009 VMA Awards, and Diplo more recently on the Internet. And you know what they say about your enemy's enemies... They make great recording partners.
    This would actually be really cool, because: Although Diplo's style leans more towards DJ and dance music, if Pitbull has taught us anything, it's that all you need to sell a song is a little bit of rapping mixed with synths, beats, and well-known guest artists. Plus, Diplo is a talented producer who has worked on tracks for a diverse range of musicians, such as Sia, Beyonce, Die Antwoord, Snoop Dog, Robyn, and Madonna. A Diplo-West collaboration would make for an interesting listen.

    East, East Side, or South
    This should happen for obvious reasons: The collaboration would have a catchy, directional title. The album cover could be a compass! See, we've already done half the work for these guys. It's meant to be.
    This would actually be really cool, because: South is a light and airy London rock band. Putting something heavier over it- like Kanye's vocals- would be a cool combination. There are a couple bands called East for Kanye to choose from: the Japanese 70's psychedelic band, a young Australian singer-songwriter, or the Minnesota jazz quartet East Side. Collaborating with any of them could help Kanye cross over and gain fans in a new genre. Or, he could put all of them together for some really confusing album credits.

    One has compared himself to a god. The other, a probably much humbler D'Angelo, recently released the album Black Messiah. Enough said.
    This would actually be really cool, because: Everything D'Angelo does is cool. We need him doing more things. Plus, can't you just hear this in your head already?

    Stevie Wonder
    In his 2009 track "Gold Digger," Kanye paraphrased a line from the Ray Charles song "I've Got a Woman." Obviously, the piano-playing icon wasn't actually around to collaborate with West- he died a few years before the song was released. If Kanye wants another skilled, singing keyboardist to add some soul to his songs, he should hit up Stevie Wonder, who's, you know, still alive.
    This would actually be really cool, because: "Gold Digger" showed us that combining old soul with modern rap is incredibly catchy. Paul McCartney showed us that modern artists and old stars can make a great team. Are you reading this, Kanye? You've got another potential hit on your hands.

    Will any of these collaborations actually happen? Don't hold your breath. But in the meantime, check out the video for the West-McCartney song below.

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